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Beware the Rip Guide

Okay, some time ago I posted an entry about what MP3 player to get. There was some flak about my ideas on ripping music to place on your MP3 player, so I thought I would make an attempt at the end-all-be-all rip guide.

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DRM Woes — I Told Ya So!

To those that said such things couldn't or wouldn't happen, here's some back up of my point.

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The 10 (+2) Commandments of Geek Gadgetry

Over the course of my geek life, I have collected and used many gadgets. Some have been good and some have been bad. To shed light on what makes a gadget good in the eyes of a geek, I give you "The 10 Commandments of Geek Gadgetry."

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Please Help Them, Mr. Jobs

Why can't anyone come up with a decent iPod interface for cars?

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Geek Car

I believe I have found my next car. The Acura RDX! And for all the geek reasons!

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Creative MuVo V100 MP3 Player – Worth a Look

I admit, I am a little late to the whole MP3, portable music Era. I did try an iPod a few years back with mixed success before the device imploded. Since then I’ve relied on that horrible Sony ATRAC SonicStage CD system for my music listening, and if you too use that same system then you know the frustration.

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The Death of the Music Industry

Is the music industry dying? Is piracy killing it?

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DRM – It’s Evil and It Doesn’t Work

Steve Jobs recently posted an online open letter regarding DRM that was very interesting. What is DRM and why doesn't it work?

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What is Podcasting? (part 2)

Okay, now that you have a good understanding of XML and RSS, it is time to discuss how these technologies are brought together to make a podcast.

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What is Podcasting? (part 1)

Many of you are wondering what this podcasting thing is. Here's a brief primer on what it is and how to catch the wave.

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