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What’s New in the Apple Orchard

Well, if you haven’t been following, there have been some pretty big things happening with Apple recently.

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Microsoft SYNC

I seem to go through cars far too quickly. My latest is a 2010 Ford Fusion with the Microsoft SYNC system, which is a geek’s dream!

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Apples and Microsofts

Well, as usual, Microsoft and Apple are in the news. One of them is releasing an operating system that nearly everyone is excited about and the other is under federal investigation for anti-competitive practices. Bet you can’t guess which is which.

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iTunes, AppleTV, and the Path to Nirvana

Apple has made some strides lately in getting us closer to what home media pervasion needs to be. But they still have a little ways to go.

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Beware the Rip Guide

Okay, some time ago I posted an entry about what MP3 player to get. There was some flak about my ideas on ripping music to place on your MP3 player, so I thought I would make an attempt at the end-all-be-all rip guide.

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iPhone Woes and Oddball Fixes

So, the iPhone 2.0 software upgrade has brought mixed feelings across the board... here are a few things that have happened to me.

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Sometimes Popular is Better

Despite what our mothers told us, sometimes being popular is better.ADHERER A good friend of mine and I have an ongoing rivalry about many geek things. We argue incessantly about things like Macs vs. PCs, what games are better, etc. I scored a major victory when I convinced him that a Macbook Pro was the [...]

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Everything But the Sync

Rumor has it that everything Apple does and the way they do it is based on what Steve Jobs thinks is best. Well, it's obvious that ol' Stevie-boy only owns one Mac because it's impossible to keep more than one in sync.

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The 10 (+2) Commandments of Geek Gadgetry

Over the course of my geek life, I have collected and used many gadgets. Some have been good and some have been bad. To shed light on what makes a gadget good in the eyes of a geek, I give you "The 10 Commandments of Geek Gadgetry."

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iPhone + Hardcore Geek = Buyer’s Remorse?

Okay, I broke down and got an iPhone, against my better judgement. But I played with it at the store and it was just so slick and fun to use, I couldn't resist. But there are caveats, my friends!

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